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Soil Health, Plant Nutrition and Biostimulants (2-day course)

📍 A 2 days full immersion course in the complex world of soil, nutrition, microrganisms and plants health with a world known plant and soil health educator from Australia. Theory and practical examples to manage soils and plant nutrition regeneratively while enhancing production and crops nutrient density.

💰 The full cost for the course is 200€ / person (accomodation + meals are not included)

📅 18-19 June 2024


The course will be held in English without translation, the lessons will be theoretical without field visits in order to go deeper into the subjects.

Day 1

Soil health, soil biology and soil carbon Biostimulants

Compost, compost extracts & biofertilisers

Plant health & Immunity

Day 2

Plant nutrition – roles and functions of essential nutrients for plant growth and development

Foliar Feeding - Tips for a Top Response

Efficiencies of Soil vs Foliar & Designing foliar recipes

Refractometer demonstration & final question/discussion time

🍽 shared lunch (bring something to share with the other course participants) or book a work lunch at (booking is preferable)

❗ Closed number please subscribe here: *More details on payments and course logistics will be provided once subscription is done.


Joel Williams is an independent plant and soil health educator and consultant who has worked extensively in Australia, Europe and Canada where he is currently based. He has a keen interest in agroecology, plant nutrition and plant and soil microbiomes and how these may support the development of sustainable production systems. Joel has a Bachelor of Agricultural Science specialising in plant and soil dynamics and an MSc in Food Policy where he explored motivations and barriers to the adoption of intercropping. Joel has a passion for teaching and sharing a combination of scientific and practical information and has lectured to farming audiences internationally.


Iside is a 7 ha terraced farm climbing on a slice of dolomitic prealp falling into Lake Iseo. It’s a young farm growing rapidly into a complex agro-silvo-pastural system managed with an agroecological approach. The produces, are sold through a simplified CSA system and to “beyond” restaurants around the area, with the objective of attracting a target of conscious supporters believing in the role of Regeneration that agriculture can have. Right now our organic farm produces high quality extra virgin olive oil from silvopasture olive groves, no till vegetables with an approach that focus on space efficiency, erosion & resources control, re-mineralization and carbon sequestration. A mixed agro-silvo-pastural keyline orchard based on ecological stratification and succession where hundreds of species and varieties inhabit a growing complex systems made of fruit trees, berries, nitrogen fixing, tree fodder and biomass crops, flowers and perennial vegetables. In the least accessible places of the farm and on the main slopes, carbohydrates and fat production from perennial crops such as hazelnuts, almonds and walnuts coexist together with alternative perennial animal fodder. All crops that will allow a diverse herbivore diet and an increase in on farm protein production.All the silvopastural systems are efficiently managed and progressively potentiated with intensive non selective grazing done by sheep, donkeys and poultry. A part of the wood and biomass managed in the farm it is turn into edible and medicinal mushrooms and spent mushroom substrate used to enrich the market garden soils. The soil health is the base of our system. Compost along with biofertilizers, BIOCHAR production and the use of rock dusts are the base of our fertilization programs and soil regeneration elements. Cover crops, mulching and the use of appropriate agricultural machineries are another important part of our regeneration strategies used for our ecosystem restoration. In few year or so we expect to see a beautiful diverse agroecological system characterized by the efficient succession of forestry and pasture systems dynamized by the presence of the right species and numbers of animals. A productive and ecologically impactful farm. 

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